Alternate Sight: New Abstract Movies from Los Angeles is a collection of the latest work from three artists of moving imagery and sound. These artists live and work in a city that has come to dominate the world's idea of "the movies," but they explore other ways of organizing the experience of sound and image. Instead of the organizing principle of the story, Andy Kopra designs shifting structures in picture and sound, Audri Phillips presents a visual poetry, and John Adamczyk explores a musical approach to the moving image.

Alternate Sight: New Abstract Movies from Los Angeles

Schedule of Screenings
Friday, May 27, 2005 Artists' Television Access San Francisco 8:00pm Map


John Adamczyk I'm exploring the possibilities of musical illustrations, whether that means simply a graphic illustration of a piece of music, or illustrations that have a musical quality about them. I make movies that are less like books and more like music in terms of how they're constructed and how they're viewed.

John Adamczyk

Audri Phillips I work in visual poetry in which the outer continues into the inner, the visible into the invisible and everything is everywhere simultaneously.

Audri Philips

Andy Kopra A film — an arbitrary beginning is followed by events that lead to a feeling at the end that the imagery and sound have completed what they set out to do. For this I look to the unfolding of simple structures which may, in their combination, create the unresolved hope that something meaningful lurks nearby.

Andy Kopra